About our Process of Pressing Flowers into Framed Garden Art:
Our flowers are pressed & dried using flower drying pads from Japan. The high absorbency of the pads makes it possible to dry the flowers quickly, usually in 3-4 days. This allows the flowers to retain their colors. The pads may be reused over & over by a short session in a microwave oven to discharge the absorbed moisture.

After pressing, the flowers are arranged on felt or special rice paper. The final arrangement is then vacuum sealed between the frame's glass and a special airtight foil backing along with desiccant that absorbs any remaining moisture & oxygen. This vacuum sealing process, developed in Japan, protects the flowers from oxidizing and turning brown.

We offer a complete
Starter Kit which includes the materials you will need (except flowers) to create 20-25 5x7 frames. We include a special pump imported from Japan that runs on 100V. To operate safely in USA, a step up transformer must be used to adjust the voltage to 120V to match our US electrical system. This step up Transformer is not included in our Starter Kit but may be obtained online at sites like VoltageTransformers.com

Flowers sealed using this method will retain their natural look for many years. We offer a step by step detailed Instructional DVD in our store.

A brief overview of how we create our unique & one of a kind pressed flower art is illustrated above

To Care for Your Framed Garden:
Please do not place in direct sunlight as this will fade the vibrancy of the colors. With proper care you can enjoy the touch of a summer garden in your home for years.
Read about our process of pressing flowers into framed garden art below these photos:
Materials & Equipment

used to create
Pressed Flowers
Framed Art